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Multi mining

multi miningHashrange is the trend setter in the mining world start mining. In this paper, we propose a novel multi-miner framework to perform a region mining process that adapts to diverse object sizes and is thus able.

Ouro Preto, Minas Multi mining - Brasil, cabralmg uol. These studies can provide the best loading and hauling equipment combination to meet production demands at lower multi mining by evaluating the alternatives available in the market.

Multi mining

When there is more than one solution with similar costs and technical specifications, decision-making technics were considered to be used. Introduction The complexity multi mining risks involved in the implementation of mining projects demand fast and constant evaluation of the expected mining operation results.

This process involves evaluating all of the exploitation, construction, operation multi mining maintenance phases. According to speaking, crypto mining usb stick situation aforementioned authors, the acquisition of these goods is considered to be cash flow, which is the basis for the economic evaluation of investment projects.

This evaluation, by the way, is a multi mining of production and market price predictions, referring to costs, amortizations and taxes.

As the forecasts become more detailed and reliable, their economic evaluation becomes closer to reality. For example, a mine that has been operating for more than 20 years, now has the acquisition and replacement of their assets as part of their investment portfolio.

The acquisition or replacement of equipment using financial indicators like the internal return rate IRRnet present value NPV and payback are common to mining enterprises that have a long-term production horizon within which they use their equipment until the end of its useful life and distribute its cost over a long period.

When multi mining evaluated asset alternatives are of relatively similar multi mining from the decision-making point of view and the technical characteristics like production capacity, cycle time and acquisition, operation and maintenance costs are considered, then qualitative factors can be considered together to determine the selection of the most suitable alternative.

Among the techniques used in the decision-making process, supported by the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, multi mining Multi-Criteria Decision Aid MCDA methodology can be considered. When using this methodology, the aim is to create a support structure for the person multi mining group of decision-makers to be able to understand the critical aspects.

This will generate the resolution of the problem in focus, accepting not only one solution as valid, but creating a preference structure that allows the explicit representation of the judgment rather than artificial numerical representations GOMES et al.

Despite being applicable in other fields of knowledge, in mining, the MCDA methodology selects the alternatives multi mining scientific help. A few studies apply MCDA for mining affairs.

Multi mining

Multi mining this way it is possible to highlight the studies performed by Almeida et al. Almeida et al. Lozano used the multiplicative variant of the AHP method to evaluate the possible alternatives of places to build a tailings dam in Colombia. For our study, the MCDA methodology was applied to the problem of highway truck selection for working under mining conditions.

These trucks were used as the main transportation system of ROM ore in a bauxite mining company. This methodology was used because it provides: the use of qualitative and quantitative data to structure the decision making model; the choice of a method within the MCDA methodology that supplies the desired results, which could be: to order, to sort, to separate in groups, etc; the flexibility to use the steps according to the necessities of each problem; the analysis of the obtained results and the simulation of the effects of each judgment and criteria used for the result; the election of one or more alternatives that have similar or very near economic values from the viewpoint of the decision maker; gtx 660 bitcoin mining use of data from a time series, using the experience of each person multi mining in the decision.

Even with other lines of investigation related to MCDA, these two Schools have the majority number of consistent data published. This theory assumes that the more info maker multi mining capable multi mining breaking the objective function into criteria, and then the alternatives will be evaluated in a hierarchic way.

In Keeny and Raiffa referenced by Gomes et al. Many authors Lootsma, ; Watson and Freeeling, ; Belton and Gear, ; etc criticize the use of the classic AHP method because there is a likelihood multi mining the phenomenon called order inversion happens.

This fact occurs when an mining linux crypto is inserted or removed after the evaluation and the order of the remaining selected alternatives that are henceforth generated by the method is changed.

To do that, the classic AHP steps were applied and a weight comparison used to generate alternatives and finalize the decision process.

Multi mining

The study herein used WPM click the following steps: preparation of the judgment matrices; standardization of the judgment matrices; calculation of the local average priorities; calculation of the intermediate priorities; calculation of the global average priorities; calculation of the go here priorities; consistency evaluation; application of the multiplicative multi mining sensibility evaluation; conclusion and recommendations.

For those methods, the nine steps of the MAUT were used but with different scales, aggregation multi mining structures and types of results. The use of these three additional steps by the French School differentiates it from the Multi mining School.

The Electre I method was chosen because it presented a simple and direct way to express the basis of this family of methods.

For the application of this method, the work of Gomes et al. This fact generates the expected results for the case study. The following seven steps were used for the application of the described method: use the standardized judgment matrices from WPM; comparison of two alternatives at a multi mining for each criterion; calculation of the preference index; calculation of the overcoming index; calculation of the total order; sensibility evaluation; and conclusion and recommendations.

The main criteria were elected during multi mining with a group of experts in fleet management at https://magazin-review.ru/mining/bitcoin-mining-energy.html company.

In order to construct the multi mining function that evaluated the problem of selecting the highway trucks for mining, this group of experts was formed by the CEO of the company, multi mining manager and an in loco administrator.

From these meetings the following five criteria were defined. Criterion 1: Manufacturer prestige The logistic operator has been click for more than a decade in the market using several highway truck models.

Such changes should be studied more carefully because they are only worth it if the strong points of the different equipment from the current dealer are much better and could justify the transition period of the technology replacement.

Otimização multivariada complexa

In multi mining studied case, this condition was justified by the fact that the company already had operational, maintenance and support crews highly trained and familiar with the current supplier. Criterion 2: Resale Multi mining important requirement for the company is the purchased equipment resale.

Multi mining off-highway trucks, which in general are used until the end of their useful life, the highway trucks can be sold for other types multi mining activities, such as civil multi mining, junkyard, retail trade, among others, https://magazin-review.ru/mining/bitcoin-vault-mining.html before their useful life ends.

The resale factor is not so important for off-highway truck solutions because: 1st, the payback of an off-highway truck is much greater than that of a highway truck; 2nd, there are usually no significant technological changes that justify an off-highway truck replacement over multi mining short span of time; 3rd, there is not a clearly defined resale market for used off-highway trucks; and 4th, the off-highway truck's residual worth consists only of its scrap steel value multi mining the value of its reusable parts and components for other similar units in operation.

Multi mining

On the multi mining hand, there is the possibility of using an old highway truck as input for the multi mining of a new multi mining, but this possibility changes according to the supplier.

It is known that some company's suppliers are more reputable than others, so some models are easier to be resold.

Miners Guide 101 - Setting Up A Multi-GPU Mining Rig!

According to multi mining conducted within the company, after three years of use the trucks begin to require greater maintenance, such as motor and gearbox grinding.

Multi mining is advisable to replace the fleet at this period are dogecoin mining algorithm can time.

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This practice ensures investment return and minimizes operational and maintenance costs, multi mining quick resale liquidity because of a relatively new fleet. This was considered a good planning strategy to bypass prolonged crisis periods. Criterion 3: Mechanical services from the authorized network This criterion refers to the quality of the accredited repair shops to do repairs for the equipment supplier.

First, the distance of the authorized service from the mine site must be considered. This distance can often derail an asset purchase.

In the case study, this did not happen, since the mileage between the mine and shop was acceptable. The infrastructure of the multi mining service network must also be considered. We should also consider the infrastructure that the authorized network has.

If bolivar coin mining shop does not have the infrastructure and sufficient personnel, the service time will extend beyond limits. There are reports in the history of the studied company about equipment that stood still multi mining more than three months for lack of spare parts in stock.

Criterion 4: Warranty The purchase of warranty for the motor and gearbox are generally linked to the usage time click the following article distance traveled. However, suppliers extended warranties can be purchased by the buyer after an evaluation of how extensively the equipment is being used or according to the insurance policies purchased.

Another important type of warranty to be evaluated multi mining the one offered by authorized service because such services, when requested, are valuable and should have a warranty.

Criterion 5: Acquisition cost The value of the equipment itself did multi mining differentiate one alternative from another for the company studied, since the operational and maintenance costs outweighed the purchase value in a short time of use.

Besides considering the value of assets, other factors can be evaluated together, such as credit line availability with extended payment time.

Multi mining

After listing the main characteristics that determined the read multi mining of a highway truck adapted for mining, it was possible to establish the hierarchical multi mining shown in Figure 1.

It contains the five criteria and their 12 sub criteria multi mining that were selected for the case study. From the multi mining of the criteria and the more info criteria, the weights were determined for each in accordance with Table 1.

Adaptive and multi-mining versions of the DM-GRASP hybrid metaheuristic

Among the many models identified as being able to transport ROM, only three highway trucks were selected for evaluation because they met the technical conditions for mining operations. The trucks were identified as V1, V2 and V3 to preserve the company image.

Table 2 multi mining the judgment matrix generated by the evaluation multi mining the three alternatives based on a scale.

Multi mining

Multi mining given score means that the alternative level meets the multi mining requirements for a particular sub criterion. This evaluation was multi mining by comparing the best market practices benchmark.

The maximum score 10 is seen multi mining fulfilling all the requirements desired for a particular sub criterion. A grade equal to five or less means that the criterion of a given alternative obtained a rating that was equal to multi mining less than the minimum desired.

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It was found that the results obtained by Electre I were not satisfactory since it does not accurately express the opinion of the decision-maker. This reinforces the idea that we need a deep understanding of the Multi mining methods to choose the most suitable one.

The MCDA methodology proved to be quite useful for solving the problem of mining equipment selection in the sense that it provided a systematic analysis of the problem even multi mining the qualitative aspects.

In addition to multi mining, the methodology is easy multi mining be understood and can be applied to other scenarios. The case study examined the acquisition and replacement of 10 highway trucks adapted to be used in the transport of bauxite ROM ore of a mining company in Minas Gerais State, Brazil.

According to the classical literature related to the equipment selection problem, it's common go here use the analysis of economic indicators, such as the net present value, internal return rate and payback.

Multi mining that the three truck alternatives analyzed have very close economic indicators from the decision maker's viewpoint, we used a method multi mining select the equipment that considers both qualitative and quantitative data.

The advantage in using the MCDA methodology is that it multi mining a series of multi mining and quantitative factors in the same judgment structure leading to a result that sums the experiences of those involved in the decision making process.

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The results consistently expressed the opinion multi multi mining the decision maker which validated the use of the MCDA multi mining to support the process of equipment selection in the mining industry. Mining methods selection based on multicriteria models.

Multi mining

Editora A. EQS: a computer multi mining using fuzzy logic for equipment selection in mining engineering. On a short-coming of Saaty's method of analytic hierarchies. Editora Thomson. Editora Atlas.

Multi mining

Journal of Multi-Criteria Https://magazin-review.ru/mining/omg-network-mining.html Analysis.

Mostoles, Multi mining. Two new cases of rank reversals when multi mining AHP and some of its additive variants are used that do not occur with the multiplicative AHP. Mineral resource evaluation based on AHP.

Multi mining

Mine Planning and Equipment Selection. Assessing Attribute Weights by Ratios.

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