- 08.12.2020

Grin miner asic

INNOSILICON G32 GRIN Miner. The best-in-class Grin miner which achieves full compatibility of Cuckatoo31+ and Cuckatoo32+ algorithm (backward compatible​. After Obelisk cancelling ASIC plans, Innosilicon is the only manufacturer that remains committed to delivering ASICs to mine on the Grin network.

Grin coin miner 40 gp/s

Although Vidtoo has removed their Twitter page, a Grin community member has pointed grin grin miner asic asic that they appear to be selling through Grin miner asic.

Orders for the first batch started in April. The different batches have varying shipping grin miner asic. This is evident from the design discussions taking place on the Grin forum and also from Obelisk ceasing their development plans.

We reached out to Innosilicon for comment.

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A member of the Innosilicon team did grin miner asic that there may possibly be some delays in grin miner asic development schedule. We did not receive details on the schedule but the Innosilicon contact did note that there will be an official announcement grin miner asic this shortly.

Profitability Prospects Source: asicminervalue. Innosilicon has three different ASIC models they plan to release, each aimed grin miner asic a different scale of miner.

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Grin miner asic these figures are currently very high, they are heavily based on the Grin networks current hash rate which is completely comprised of GPU miners. This hash rate will drastically increase opskins Grin miner asic are grin miner asic on the network which will serve to significantly reduce the estimated profitability figures.

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