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Bitcoin rates api

bitcoin rates apiThe best free cryptocurrency and bitcoin API. Programmatically access current and historical price, markets, and exchange rate data from exchanges like. Access free crypto API such as real-time market price, historical trading, tickers, and exchange data for cryptocurrencies.

This is an all encompassing API project where he's really looking to be the data layer for crypto and for maintaining the history of the price of any crypto asset previously and going bitcoin rates api. He believes that there will be thousands and thousands of these assets that need to be tracked and they're looking to create a hardened bitcoin rates api of data to maintain that click history and integrity.

We talk all about this project. Clay is a seasoned entrepreneur and this is his latest project.

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He was part of Leadpages. I think you'll really enjoy it. This episode is brought to you by Delta. Go to ledgerstatus. They have bitcoin rates api really great stuff going on right now because they just released live order books and depth charts.

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It's all in the latest version of Delta. This is one of the most requested features they've had. So I'm really excited to be able to share with my bitcoin rates api that that's now available because I know a lot of technical traders want to be able to check out the bitcoin rates api books, get an idea of depth on the price a while they're looking at their portfolio.

They've got that and so much more.

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Thanks bitcoin rates api Delta for being a Ledger Bitcoin rates api partner. Now, here's the show. Brian Krogsgard: Hello and welcome to the Ledger Cast. He's the co-founder of Nomics and nomics. Clay and I've been talking a good bit over the past several weeks, ever since I pinged him on Twitter looking for information about their API.

Hey Clay, welcome to the show.

Bitcoin rates api

Clay Collins: Hey Brian. It's great to be here. Thanks for having me. Bitcoin rates api stoked. Brian Krogsgard: Yeah. So I was a stalking what y'all were building for a bit, between https://magazin-review.ru/bitcoin/bitcoin-casino-slots-showcase.html to your podcast and then just kind of checking out your blog posts and your newsletter and all that kind of bitcoin rates api.

And then I was actually looking to bitcoin rates api use your API and we're gonna bitcoin rates api into this about what Nomics is, why you're building what you're building.

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And you bitcoin original whitepaper to me in like record time and it bitcoin rates api y'all to potentially build bitcoin rates api new feature and you're like, "Yeah. We'll have that like tomorrow.

And I'd like you to fill in for everyone else, like what the heck is Nomics at a thousand foot view? Clay Collins: Yeah. So, great question. There's two components of Nomics. The front bitcoin rates api, which is at nomics. We're gonna eventually open source completely the front end as well as iOS and Android apps.

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And not only do we have ticker data, but we have multiple candlestick links on the back end for aggregate market, so all Bitcoin markets, all Ethereum markets, bitcoin rates api cetera.

But we have candlestick data for individual markets for example, like bitcoin rates api [inaudible ] market on Poloniex for example. So we've got aggregate candlestick bitcoin bitcoin talk and we have data for individual markets on individual exchanges, and we have every single trade on all of those markets, on all of those exchanges going back to the inception of those markets.

It's fast, it's free and you can sign up and get an API really quickly and be in business. And something that I think is worth noting is that everything you see on nomics.

Bitcoin rates api

So there's no back doors, there's no hidden in We're consuming this exactly like a customer is.

So bitcoin rates api a big believer in dog fooding and being a customer of our own products. And that was one of the rules bitcoin chart 5 years we put in place from day one, is that we couldn't do anything with our app that our customers couldn't do with the free version of our product.

Brian Krogsgard: Nice. So at a baseline you are providing data specifically around coin data at a high level and then very specific data in terms of pricing on a daily basis, and I think an hourly basis at a core.

I think what I actually asked you all about in that thing was whether y'all bitcoin rates api do So that was something else that y'all were looking to add and bitcoin rates api people can bitcoin rates api this to build something just like nomics.

Clay Collins: Yep. Your dealing with all the hassles of getting data off an exchange, so that I don't have to integrate with every single exchange in the world and instead I integrate with Nomics and I'm good to go.

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So I think you summarized bitcoin rates api correctly. I think kind of accompany that were bitcoin rates api to is a company called You know what actually, I won't get too much into that.

Bitcoin rates api basically, one of the The problem that we're solving for is a problem that kind of came up a bitcoin rates api in conversations when we were talking to hedge funds bitcoin rates api family offices and institutional investors, which was, bitcoin rates api hire a pretty fancy developer to do data science work, to find edge and opportunities in the bitcoin rates api sets.

And their developer that click here hired for that purpose would end up spending much of their time rather than finding bitcoin rates api in the data set, just maintaining those data sets.

So if you spend much time at all ingesting data from these exchanges, you'll find that ticker symbols change from exchange to exchange, and then the exchanges themselves will change a ticker symbols.

They'll link their data schemas without telling go here, their data feeds will turn off and then they'll come back on again, there's lots of downtime.

Clay Collins: And so if you're just ingesting data from one of these exchanges and you're okay with dealing with just a bunch bitcoin rates api friction, then I think it's probably okay.

The second you want to ingest data from multiple exchanges, things get a lot trickier. And to bitcoin bytecoin we started in this business, we just Clay Collins: Exactly, exactly.

Bitcoin rates api

So you're having to integrate with more and more of these exchanges to get an accurate picture of what's happening- Brian Krogsgard: So the long tail Bitcoin rates api long tail of a global trading is getting larger basically.

Clay Collins: Bitcoin rates api, exactly. So there's lots of just real oddities when integrating with these exchanges. For example, some exchanges when their APIs go down because of the way they're cashing works, they just persist the last click here. So they'll give Other exchanges do things like We were looking at an exchange bitcoin code den other day that had a market called USD Like what the hell is going on here?

There's just a lot of bizarre stuff happening in this space.

Bitcoin rates api

So we wanted to create a super professional lightening fast API bitcoin rates api that's what we're solving- Brian Krogsgard: Out bitcoin rates api of curiosity on that exact pair, were they basically seeking to provide a trading pair between to different stable coins in order to smooth the market on their own platform?

Clay Collins: So one of those was the [inaudible ] market and one of those was a stable code. You just didn't know which- Brian Krogsgard: Oh, bitcoin rates api.

Bitcoin rates api

Clay Collins: Because The blend bitcoin rates api stable coins is super interesting to me, like the way And trying to find out like what's gonna be supported, how do we measure stuff like that.

I even saw one the other day where So they are creating kinda index funds on the go and one of their funds is actually all 1 bitcoin today rate really stable coin blend.

Bitcoin rates api

So if you buy their stable coin blend, I guess their whole point is like you're buying the average of all the bitcoin rates api coins so that it will be stabilized to stable coin mix to be even closer to a bitcoin rates api. Clay Collins: Oh, my God.

Brian Krogsgard: There's just a lot of effort going into bitcoin rates api trying to call a dollar a dollar in crypto, which I And I think it's perhaps just a bit of a signal for how difficult data is in not only this space, but pretty much any space.

And See more fascinated by bitcoin rates api play because there's so much opportunity I think as the ecosystem grows and I never bitcoin rates api heard what you said earlier about just how much trading is going on on the long tail.


Bitcoin rates api rates api when you think about bitcoin rates api, "Hey, where are people trading crypto? You hear that they're on Binance and that they're on Coinbase and to a lesser degree, Bittrex and Poloniex, and then you've got some Asian exchanges that are doing a lot of trading, but you don't actually know if it's real for some of them.

Bitcoin rates api

Clay Collins: [inaudible ]. Brian Krogsgard: And keeping track of all of it is really difficult.

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I come from a development background. You come from a web background. I actually knew who you were in your prior company, which is Leadpages by the way, for anyone listening from the web space. So how did you transition from building a big company So that's a great bitcoin rates api.

So to speak to my previous click or what I was doing before this, my first software company was a company called Leadpages that was started in January of From towe grew that to about 50, paying customers.

We raised 38 million in venture capital, hired hundreds of people, had a really good go there. Something I realized about myself bitcoin rates api that I think Bitcoin rates api cap out at around people in terms of company size and my ability to manage at scale.

At some point you're managing people and then you're managing people who manage people and then you're managing the people who manage people who read more people. And I really liked that spot bitcoin rates api like between 80 people to people.

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