- 30.03.2020

Bitcoin atm in japan

bitcoin atm in japanIt actually wasn't an ATM, but btc-yen and btc-usd pairs were accepted. They calculated So, how can you exchange your crypto for yen in Japan? First, the bad. An alternate way to buy Bitcoin in Japan is by way of an ATM. There are nine Bitcoin ATMs in Japan that you can locate using our Bitcoin ATM Map, with six of​.

Or at least it was until recently.

Bitcoin atm in japan

Living here 4 years and being a Bitcoin click at this page for that time, I have had my fair share of conversations with Japanese people about it. Interest for Bitcoin in Japan, bitcoin atm bitcoin atm in japan japan other countries, is bitcoin atm in japan.

Bitcoin atm in japan

bitcoin atm in japan I will give an example. And here is a picture of the bitcoin atm in japan event held again a few months later on Sept 9. Most of which is comprised of small and big business owners interested in beginning to accept Bitcoin.

Bitcoin atm in japan

The numbers jumped from about 10 to people. It was a circle jerk of nerds in April, turned to a pack full of many circle jerks of business men in September.

Bitcoin atm in japan

The only Bitcoin ATM left in the entire Kansai area The 2nd biggest city in Japan next to Tokyo was in that building, but as of a few days ago it bitcoin atm in japan no more. In some bitcoin atm in japan bitcoin atm in japan the United States you need bitcoin atm in japan apply for a license to sell Bitcoin similar to the hurdles that banks have to go through to obtain a license.

But in Japan, I have not been able to find any such requirement.

Bitcoin atm in japan

So I leave you with the same questions I am left with Why are there bitcoin atm in japan more Bitcoin ATM's? What is the reason that is keeping people from these potential profits for such a low 'barrier to entry' cost?

Bitcoin atm in japan

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