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Confoederatio helvetica 5 1985

confoederatio helvetica 5 1985The legend CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA is around above. The engraver's signature, P BVRKHARD INCT. (an abbreviation for the Latin text "Paul Burkhard​. Year, Value, 5 Francs Lettering: CONFOEDERATIO HELVETICA The Five Francs commemorative coin celebrates the European Year of Music.

Given that Switzerland has four official languages, the currency has three different names: Franken in German, franc in French and Romansh, and franco confoederatio helvetica 5 1985 Italian.

Confoederatio helvetica 5 1985

Initially when federal Swiss coinage was introduced inall "francs" including the half franc were full-bodied silver, while the centimes confoederatio helvetica 5 1985 either billon low-grade silver continue reading base metal.

The first version of the five francs coin here a seated figure of Helvetia ; inthis click changed to a new design with the reverse showing a shield within a wreath, and the obverse featuring a portrait of the symbolic figure Helvetia.

Confoederatio helvetica 5 1985

Unlike the smaller denominations, its metal was not debased. This changed again into the current design by Paul Burkhard with a re-designed shield on the reverse confoederatio helvetica 5 1985 the figure of an Alpine herdsman on the obverse.

Confoederatio helvetica 5 1985

At that confoederatio helvetica 5 1985, the specifications of the Latin Monetary Union were kept. The next transformation go here the denomination was in when the coins were made smaller and the silver content was slightly debased.

The final change here in when silver content was abandoned, and the circulating earlier types were demonetised on confoederatio helvetica 5 1985 April The current Five Franc coins are smaller and made of cupro-nickel.

Confoederatio helvetica 5 1985

Coins issued in confoederatio helvetica 5 1985 incuse edge lettering cut into the metal and not in relief as the later ones.

Due to extensive forgeries, they were withdrawn from circulation and demonetised on 1st January ; thus, they confoederatio helvetica 5 1985 for less than 19 years.

Confoederatio helvetica 5 1985

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