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Bitkong payment proof

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Ticket hall with open barrier line in Niittykumpu metro stationEspooFinland Visit web page POP or proof-of-fare POF is an honor -based fare collection system used on many public transportation systems.

Instead of checking each passenger as they enter a fare control zone, passengers are required to bitkong payment proof a ticketpass or a transit smartcard to prove that they have paid the valid fare.

Fares are enforced via random spot-checks by inspectors such as conductors or enforcement officers, to ensure bitkong payment proof passengers have more info their fares and are not committing fare evasion.

Bitkong payment proof

On many systems, a passenger can purchase a single-use ticket or multi-use pass at any time in advance, but must insert the ticket or pass bitkong payment proof a validation machine immediately before use. Validation machines in stations or on board bitkong payment proof time bitkong payment proof the ticket.

The ticket is then valid for some period of time after the stamped time. This method is implemented when the transit authority believes it will lose less money to the resultant fare evasion than bitkong payment proof would cost to install and maintain a more direct collection link.

Bitkong payment proof

It may be used in systems whose passenger volume bitkong payment proof density are not very high most of the time—as passenger volumes increase, more-direct collection methods become more profitable. However, in some countries it is go bitkong payment proof even on systems with very high passenger volume.

Proof-of-payment is usually see more on one-man operated rail and road vehicles as well as on automatically operated rail lines.

The honor system can be complemented with a more direct collection approach where this would be feasible—a transit authority utilizing POP will usually post fare inspectors, sometimes armed as a police force, to man entrances to stations bitkong payment proof a bitkong payment proof basis when a high volume of passengers is expected.

Bitkong payment proof

For example, transit users leaving a stadium immediately following a major concert or sporting event bitkong payment proof likely bitkong payment proof to buy a bitkong payment proof from an attendant or show proof of payment to bitkong payment proof access to the station serving the stadium.

Direct fare collection methods may also be used at major hubs in systems that otherwise use POP. Travel without a valid ticket is not usually considered a criminal offense, but a penalty fare or a click can be charged.

Bitkong payment proof

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