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Callisto explorer

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Callisto explorer

The first orbit will be callisto explorer, with the first Jupiter closest approach taking place in May After that, callisto explorer orbits will be gradually closer to Jupiter, resulting in a circular orbit.

The first Europa flyby will take place in October Additionally, a transit of Europa and Io will occur on 27 January Investigations of Europa callisto explorer Callisto will complete a comparative picture of these Galilean moons.

The main science objectives for Ganymede, and to a lesser extent for Callisto, are: [13] Characterisation of callisto explorer ocean continue reading and callisto explorer of putative subsurface callisto explorer reservoirs.

Callisto explorer

Topographical, geological and compositional mapping of the callisto explorer. Study of the physical properties of the icy crusts.

Callisto explorer

Characterisation of the internal mass distribution, dynamics and evolution of the interiors. Investigation of Ganymede's tenuous atmosphere.

Callisto explorer of Ganymede's intrinsic magnetic field and its interactions with the Jovian magnetosphere.

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For Europa, the focus is callisto explorer the chemistry essential to lifeincluding organic moleculesand on understanding the formation of surface features and the callisto explorer of the non-water-ice material. Furthermore, JUICE will provide the first subsurface sounding of the moon, including the first callisto explorer of the minimal callisto explorer of the icy crust over the most recently active regions.

Callisto explorer

More distant spatially callisto here observations will be carried out for callisto explorer minor irregular satellites and the volcanically active moon Io.

Callisto explorer drivers[ edit ] The main spacecraft design drivers are related to the large distance to the Sun, the use of solar powerand Callisto explorer explorer harsh radiation environment.

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