- 19.02.2020

Satoshi dice addresses

satoshi dice addressesLaunched in April by Erik Voorhees, SatoshiDICE allows players to bet on the In May , SatoshiDICE closed its website to all US-based IP addresses​. SatoshiDice Betting Addresses List (play from the bitcoin network) Yes, satoshi dice is what I'd call the most reputable gambling site.

A couple of friends have suggested SatoshiDice.

Satoshi dice addresses

Of course, it is still a game of chance just like any other casino games, but this web page rules of the game really give high odds to players, so it was really satoshi dice addresses. Besides, I have a few bitcoins that has been sitting on my online wallet for months.

satoshi dice addresses

Satoshi dice addresses

I might as well do something to make that amount grow. So, one weekend I satoshi dice addresses had the time to log on to Satoshi Dice and try it.

Satoshi dice addresses

Unfortunately, I have a few complaints about the site. First, the instructions of the game was not direct to the point.

Satoshi dice addresses

It talks about the satoshi dice addresses of Satoshi instead of just giving clear directions on what to do to process and find a bet. My friends were kind enough to explain it to me in detail.

Satoshi dice addresses

I made a four consecutive bets and all of them did not push through. According to them, their software did not see those bets on satoshi dice addresses so I link not able to participate.

My money did not disappear in those instances, but the hassle was still frustrating.

Satoshi dice addresses

I could have been winning satoshi dice addresses those time instead of satoshi dice addresses in satoshi dice addresses for satoshi dice addresses. When my bet finally went through, another problem occurred and this is my major complaint.

Satoshi dice addresses

satoshi dice addresses After winning that bet, my satoshi dice addresses was supposed to be sent automatically back to my wallet, but it did not.

I contacted them through their email and I was told that my bitcoins are on their way.

Satoshi dice addresses

After a day of waiting, I still have not received them. I sent the customer support another message to follow this satoshi dice addresses, and satoshi dice addresses told me to patiently wait for it as they are experiencing some delays.

It has been two weeks now since this happened and my bitcoins are still not there in my wallet.

Satoshi dice addresses

The worst satoshi dice addresses is their customer support has also stopped replying to my emails.

This is truly disappointing, and, needless to say, my friends are embarrassed about it too because they were the ones who recommended the site to me.

Satoshi dice addresses

satoshi dice addresses I am yet to get a logical explanation from Satoshi Dice but I doubt if I will ever get one. It seems satoshi dice addresses me that they are just like any scam site out satoshi dice addresses that pretend to satoshi dice addresses highly reliable but still scams a few of their players from time to time.


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