- 19.02.2020

Paytm eth wallet address

paytm eth wallet addressYes, you can buy Ether coins using Paytm money. on Binance exchange for free and get the BTC wallet address from deposits section there. Install Ethereum Wallet to manage and store your ETH coin in a secure cryptocurrency app. The app combines all the best characteristics of blockchain apps.

Paytm eth wallet address

Until now, users had to pay 2 per cent fee if they loaded more than Rs 10, in https://magazin-review.ru/address/how-to-open-bitcoin-wallet-account-address.html e-wallets via credit card in a month.

A message saying "Nominal charge of 2 paytm eth wallet address cent is applicable on adding money using credit card.

Paytm eth wallet address

Please use UPI or paytm eth wallet address card to add money for free" is displayed when customers attempt to add money to their Paytm wallet via a paytm eth wallet address card.

Paytm is also providing an offer, wherein users will get 2 per cent cashback source to Rs on adding minimum Rs 50 using credit card, as per paytm eth wallet address message.

Paytm eth wallet address

When contacted, a Paytm Payments Bank spokesperson said customers have the flexibility to add money to their Paytm wallet from any of their https://magazin-review.ru/address/link-master-sword-twilight-princess.html paytm eth wallet address source, including UPI, net banking and cards.

The 2 paytm eth wallet address cent charge is passed on to customers, who use credit cards for adding funds to their wallet. For all other sources, we paytm eth wallet address continue to absorb the cost of loading money," the spokesperson said.

paytm eth wallet address

Paytm eth wallet address

The spokesperson further said the company has temporarily waived the paytm eth wallet address per cent charge that is levied on money transfer from wallet to bank accounts as a promotional offer for the festive season.

All such transactions will also continue to be free of cost for our customers," the here said. InPaytm paytm eth wallet address introduced paytm eth wallet address similar fee on amounts added this web visit web page wallet via credit cards, but had rolled back the decision after pressure from users.

Paytm eth wallet address

At that time, Paytm had said the fee was aimed at curbing misuse of its platform to transfer interest-free credit card funds to bank accounts of users at zero transaction cost.

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