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Gem group tv

gem group tvGEM Group was established in London in , with the vision of being a leading Making GEM TV the number one, leading media company in the Persian. GEM TV (Persian: جم تی‌وی‎) is a group of Persian-language entertainment satellite channels. Its headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkey. This group also​.

Saeed Karimian, 45, was shot dead in the Maslak neighbourhood, along with gem group tv Kuwaiti business partner.

Gem group tv

The vehicle used in the apparent assassination was later found burnt out. Turkish police are investigating. Mr Karimian had previously been tried in absentia by a Tehran court and sentenced to six years in prison for gem group tv propaganda against Iran.

Gem group tv

It is understood he died immediately after the gunmen - who were reportedly masked - opened fire on the vehicle on Saturday evening, while gem group tv gem group tv partner died later in gem group tv.

Gem TV, which dubs foreign and Western shows into Persian and broadcasts them into Iran, has been criticised by Iran for showing programmes that go against Islamic values and has been accused of spreading Western culture.

Family members told the BBC's Jiyar Gol that Mr Karimian had been threatened by the regime the past three months, and as a result was gem group tv to leave Istanbul and move back to London.

gem group tv

Gem group tv

Gem group tv, sources within the Turkish government have suggested the killing may be related to business and gangs, our correspondent says.

Gem Group was initially established in London, but later expanded to Dubai. According to the check this out websiteit has 17 Persian-language channels, plus one each in Kurdish, Azeri and Arabic.

Gem group tv

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