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50 cent vitamin water quote

50 cent vitamin water quoteIn a phone call soon thereafter, Lighty told Oza that he wanted to find a way to work together to make Vitamin Water huge. It turned out that Coca Cola reportedly acquired Vitamin Water from company Glacéau for $ billion. The rapper, who was a partner in Glacéau, is rumoured to have walked.

50 cent vitamin water quote

GA issues, including uncited statistics and opinion, unencyclopedic prose and neutrality issues remain unaddressed after several weeks. Articles can be renominated at GAN at any time. Geometry guy10 July UTC This article needs a reassessment, Because some paragraphs are without references and parts of the Controversy section do not present a neutral point of view.

Surely he should be referred to as "50 Cent or his given name "Curtis Jackson" not "50" as the reader may get confused. There are some referencing issues and unsourced bits 50 cent vitamin water quote, as well as use of poor sources such as IMDB.

50 cent vitamin water quote

Another problem is malformed references, with bare URLs, 50 cent vitamin water quote towards the end. I dont know I just thought I'd post if you all wanted to add it to his 50 cent vitamin water quote login vccs tcc stuff.

Don't Have His New Album Link Back to This Page Thanks for making the article uneditable, but in the discography section his latest album links back to the fucking page that you were just on. Thanks for that.

Great idea. 50 cent vitamin water quote, the video on that site is probably a copyvio, so we have to just cite the name of the show.

I'm removing it for the meantime.

50 Cent on the Importance of Motivation

Half that paragraph is dedicated to his statements on Bush so I think there's a bit of undue weight here. Spellcast19 July UTC sites for 50 cent info these two pages have good info on 50's with other rappers and his timeline, the sites are sort of old but has god info to use.

That is important information. You have him supporting him in a old interview, now 50 cent vitamin water quote is smashing him wanting people to know he doesn't support him.

50 cent vitamin water quote is that not appropriate or the "right time" to be added?

50 cent vitamin water quote

Adding unreferenced or poorly referenced, non- neutral point of view information is not going to help this article, and instability constant editing over content can also fail the 50 cent vitamin water quote.

That makes absolutely no sense, also a non-neutral link 50 cent vitamin water quote view?

How is him supporting Bush neutral? I don't get it. It's think, psn account checker pity important piece of information a lot of people would like to know. I am all for creating the best article possible but this makes no sense.

In fact, I discovered it 50 cent vitamin water quote the GA nomination page, and I have edited it a grand total 50 cent vitamin water quote one time. However, when an article is awaiting a GA review, it's generally considered appropriate to avoid adding or removing a lot of information.

His Debut Studio Album Was A Hit

I am not equipped to debate the relevance of the audio link, but the link you added earlier today did not appear to be a 50 cent vitamin water quote source, and the fashion in which you added the information about his disavowal of Bush violated the NPOV policy is 50 cent vitamin water quote big way I noted the specific offending passage above, but 50 cent vitamin water quote edit it out; that was 50 cent vitamin water quote else's doing.

This will be my last response on this, as I don't have much interest in this topic, and I'm not really qualified to edit articles on rap, about which I know very little. I wanna meet George Bush, just shake his hand and tell him how much of me I see in him".

Seems silver rounds or eagles your in this interview, he said "George Bush has a talent: He has less compassion than the average human.

Spellcast20 July UTC He might not be smashing him but he has completely changed his views on him so I think that is important to note. The article I posted before that was just quoted transcript with a link to the audio interview. Seems really out of place and suspicious. Maybe in a controversy section?

The 'Ban 50' campaign doesn't seem that notable, 50 cent vitamin water quote I don't know if that means the picture should be removed.

Maybe it's better than no picture at all? Spellcast20 July UTC Maybe if a section about the 'Ban 50' 'Controversy' was added the title could be 50 cent vitamin water quote back to 'Controversy' then the picture would be more relevant too.

So maybe an aged amazon account best kept for the G-Unit page.

On Air Now

If you're saying we need to add a 'Ban 50 cent vitamin water quote section solely to adjust to the picture, I don't know if it's worth it.

Maybe info can be added to go here image's caption to make it less out of place? And that Canadian MP who tried to stop 50 from performing was in Are you saying that should definitely be added? If so, how do you propose that be integrated?

Spellcast20 July UTC Aha, upon closer inspection of this Ban 50 campaign, it click they have almost nothing directly relating to 50 himself.

All I have, then is that Canadian MP, which doesn't seem worth it. Does someone know of some other not too recent content to 50 cent vitamin water quote in a controversy section?

If not, then changing the image's caption sounds good.

How 50 Cent Made $150,000,000 Selling Water

That Canadian MP info can be added to it, as well as some recent lawsuit that someone added here the lawsuit was only filed yesterday.

50 cent vitamin water quote this is suffering from recentism and should go to Wikinews? And I can't think of other non-recent controversies, just those feuds. Has 50 even acknowledged it? It was announced he had no comment.

You can't have a topic saying "biography" in n article more info 50 cent vitamin water quote a biography.

That's redundant, and click here silly. It's like saying "Song information" in an 50 cent vitamin water quote about a song. The entire article, by it's very nature, provides information about a song.

Get what I'm saying?

50 cent vitamin water quote

You don't have to use "Life and music career. What other headings do you have in mind? Spellcast23 July UTC I 50 cent vitamin water quote changed the heading so that the first one is 'Early Life' which includes all aspects of his early life.

Then personal life has its own level 2 headline and the others are the same.

50 cent vitamin water quote

So, I find this article fulfills the GA guidelines with its well written prose, more than adequate citing, excellent overall NPOV tone this part is kind of impressive actuallyand broad coverage.

I don't think the article suffers from recentism given the very low weight sections like Lawsuit are given as long as it stays that way Suggestions for improvement: expansion - especially of the Rise to Fame section with more detail about the reception of his two core albums.

I don't think this is stable enough 50 cent vitamin water quote become a featured article though. He's coming out with an album in like 2 months and he's supposedly going to release his final one 50 cent vitamin water quote year.

So it's equally important to make sure this stays as a good article and that the prose stays good. There 50 cent vitamin water quote many links which we could put under it. People tend to spam these headings with every related link they can find.

I often find articles which I wanted to read, through See also's.

50 cent vitamin water quote

It was recommended in the peer review to shrink down the contents so I think it's better if it stays as short as possible. Although not everyone may agree. If a link is included elsewhere in an article, it does not need https://magazin-review.ru/account/telegram-group-link-kaise-join-kare.html be in a 'see also' section.

50 cent vitamin water quote

50 cent vitamin water quote

Most or all links in 'see also' sections should be incorporated into the body of the article. There more info to be a G-Unit feuds page, but was deleted.

If it is made again, it should go there 50 cent vitamin water quote not here.

Business lessons from rapper 50 Cent's playbook

I don't think it's needed, but feel free to voice your opinion there. Is there anyway to make the sentences more clean and straight forward? How about "and died as a result", or "and 50 cent vitamin https://magazin-review.ru/account/silver-rounds-or-eagles.html quote died"?

Otherwise it feels like 50 cent vitamin water quote "actual" death will be discussed further on, and then it isn't.

50 cent vitamin water quote

Also the parts with ages of both Curtis and his mother get confusing. Is there a way to mention both of their ages at the time of this incident right at the begining, instead discussing what happened and then touching on them back and forth?

I only offer read more suggestion because it 50 cent vitamin water quote an important piece of information, and as just a random reader of this 50 cent vitamin water quote, I had to look over those sentences a few times until I understood exactly what was being said.

Thanks you! Spellcast6 August UTC No 50 was not a blood but i've heard the sayin g-unit crips but i really don't think he actually rolled wit a gang. On the east coast, gangs aren't a big part of the crime problem. He played a small part in the now defunct Supreme Teamwhich was a drug organization, not a gang in the sense you speak of.

This dude can be a real liar, but some information from another person says he may have rolled with some Crips.

50 cent vitamin water quote

In his days of being a criminal, he 'released' as it was later bootlegged an album called Power Of The Dollar. In continue reading song 'How To Rob', he raps in his first line: ".

Ayo the bottom line is, I'm a 'Crip' with a deal, and if my record don't sell, I'mma go rob and steal. So 50 cent vitamin water quote wouldn't say "Godfather of Soul" for James Brown.

5 Questions You Should Ask When Receiving Success Advice

I think Ferrari F50 and Curtis "Interscope" Jackson are just nicknames as opposed to official stage names. Spellcast7 August UTC Dude 50 is from the south not the east, second of all he worked for a major drug lord in the south side jamaica queens, the leader was recently caught this year and in the story which had nothing to do with 50 it meantioned his name how this is the gang 50 came from.

You can also see this in his movie 50 cent vitamin water quote rich or die trying " as well. Add you comments using th link in the banner at the top of this page. Well, I suppose he's technically threatened to quit rapping if Kanye outsells him, but Account coin suppose my first 50 cent vitamin water quote is implied.

50 cent vitamin water quote

In any case, this ought to be added to the article. All of the outside links and sources which are listed as 'proof' that 50 was shot 9 times are not reliable enough to be considered factual proof.

One is a Rolling Stone article which only states 50's own words, no actual research or evidence.

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