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Zi data arm

zi data armRealView MDK-ARM and above. QUESTION. For the following example code​: char test_array[8];. The linker reports these memory sizes RW data = 8. Non-Confidential PDF versionARM DUIH ARM® Compiler v for µVision​® Code (inc. data) RO Data RW Data ZI Data Debug 19 44

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zi data arm Using this option implies --info sizes,totals. The following example shows the sweatcoin 2020 in tabular format with the totals separated out for easy reading: Code inc.

Zi data arm

Generated 0 0 3 0 0 0 incl. Padding zi data arm Library Totals 0 0 6 0 0 0 incl.

Zi data arm

In this image, there are bytes of code. This includes bytes of inline data inc.

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This is in addition to the inline data included in the Zi data arm inc. Debug Zi data arm how many bytes are occupied by debug data, for example, source input sections and the symbol and string table.

Zi data arm

Object Totals Shows how many bytes are occupied zi data arm objects linked together to generate the image. Generated armlink might generate image contents, zi data arm example, interworking veneers, and input sections such as region tables.

If the Object Totals row includes this zi data arm of data, it is shown in this row.

Zi data arm

In the example, there are 19 bytes of RO data in total, of which 16 bytes is linker-generated RO click. Library Totals Shows how many bytes are occupied by zi data arm members that have been extracted and added to the image as zi data arm zi data arm.

Zi data arm

Padding armlink inserts padding, if required, to force section alignment. If the Object Totals row includes this type of data, it is zi data arm in the associated incl.

Zi data arm

Padding row. Similarly, if the Library Totals row includes this type of data, it is shown in its associated row. In the example, there zi data arm 19 bytes of RO data in the object total, of which 3 bytes is linker-generated padding, and bytes of RO zi data arm in the library total, with 6 bytes of zi data arm.

Grand Totals Shows the true size of the link.

Keil MDK in the code, Ro-data, Rw-data, zi-data What is the meaning of each?

In the example, RW data zi data arm is not enabled. If data is compressed, the RW value changes.

Zi data arm

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