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Venture bay wotlk

venture bay wotlkLinksLinks. Venture Bay. There is no map available for this zone. This zone is part of Grizzly Hills. Music. "gh_walkday01". Previous Previous. 1 / Next Next​. Defeat 10 Horde units or players in Venture Bay and return to Lieutenant Stuart. A level 15 Grizzly Hills Quest (Daily). Rewards. Always up to date.

Venture Bay

Use the Renewing Tourniquet on Wounded Skirmishers you find. Once done with those 3, find a Shredder and venture bay wotlk back to camp in it. Once you have venture bay wotlk bay wotlk this web page quests complete, turn them in.

It took me 12 tries my first time. This is the largest of the PVP hubs with a captureable area in the center the lighthouse that offers the daily quest Riding the Red Rocket if your faction controls the area.

Venture bay wotlk

If you have control venture bay wotlk the lighthouse you also get access to the Venture Coin rewards vendor. Kill every Alliance mob or player venture bay wotlk you prefer on your way to the closest building with Venture Company Stragglers.


Once here, venture bay wotlk the Smoke Bomb After clearing that house you should have of the 20 you venture bay wotlk complete. Head east killing Allys still to the next house. Use the Smoke Bomb once again.

Now head south to the dock. Go to the easternmost ship.

Venture bay wotlk

Easy to solo for anyone. Head to the middle ship.

Smoke 'Em Out

Run venture bay wotlk to camp avoiding fights and turn in all the quests. If your faction has control of the island, you can do Riding the Red Rocket.

For this venture bay wotlk you need to go back to the middle ship and take the Venture bay wotlk to the dock at the end of the island.

Venture bay wotlk

Mount on the rocket. Venture bay wotlk venture bay wotlk in my opinion one of those games you saw in an arcade in You have to venture bay wotlk south for about 5 seconds then go east, avoiding icebergs, and run into the Devcon 2020 amazon ship docked on the edge of the island.

Venture bay wotlk

And if you crash into an iceberg you have to go venture bay wotlk for the Element again. Thats not bad. Continue to do venture bay wotlk while leveling to 80 as you get a good amount of Venture Coins That you can venture bay wotlk in on the controllable island at Venture Bay for rewards.

Venture bay wotlk

The complete list of rewards is here. Plus a lot of XP!

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Also, if your looking for a good World of Warcraft podcast with Blizzard news, rumors, facts, patch information, and everything else you need, check out The Instance, my venture bay wotlk favorite. It has also won an award for best venture bay wotlk podcast!

Venture bay wotlk

I highly recommend it. You can find it on iTunes or here.

Venture Bay and Conquest Hold Wrath of the Lich King

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