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Alicloud tutorial

alicloud tutorialThis guide explains how to use the Alicloud Ansible modules together. All Alicloud modules require footmark - install it on your control machine with pip install. The following diagram illustrates how we will use GitLab Flow in this tutorial: alicloud-ecs: Force delete flag found, skipping prevalidating image name.

Alicloud tutorial

A variety of credentials can be used to construct the request, but AliCloud offers instance alicloud tutorial that's ideally suited for the purpose. Alicloud tutorial launching an alicloud tutorial with a role, alicloud tutorial role's STS credentials under instance metadata can be used to securely build the request.

It then submits 2 pieces of information to alicloud tutorial Vault server to recreate a valid signed request: the request URL, and the request headers.

Alicloud tutorial

The Vault server alicloud tutorial reconstructs the query and forwards it alicloud tutorial to the AliCloud STS service and alicloud tutorial the result back. Importantly, the credentials used to sign the GetCallerIdentity request can come from the ECS instance metadata service for an ECS instance, which obviates the need alicloud tutorial https://magazin-review.ru/2019/cara-daftar-e-dinar-coin-2019.html operator to alicloud tutorial provision alicloud tutorial sort of identity material first.

However, alicloud tutorial credentials can, in principle, come from anywhere, not alicloud tutorial from the locations AliCloud has provided for you.

Alicloud tutorial

Each see more Alicloud tutorial request includes the current timestamp and a nonce to mitigate the risk of replay attacks. For example, if you have a RAM policy on your credential that requires article source access to be MFA authenticated, non-MFA authenticated credentials alicloud tutorial still be able to authenticate to Vault using this method.

Alicloud tutorial

AliCloud's console displays each role's ARN. A role in Vault alicloud tutorial href="https://magazin-review.ru/2019/atlant-meaning.html">click here a relationship with a role in AliCloud, and must bear the same name.

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When a alicloud tutorial assumes that role and sends its GetCallerIdentity request to Vault, Vault matches the arn alicloud tutorial its assumed role with that of a pre-created role in Vault. It then checks what alicloud tutorial have been associated with the role, and grants a token alicloud tutorial.

An example of how to generate the required request values for the login method can be found found in the Alicloud tutorial CLI source code.

Alicloud tutorial

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